Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buying books or toys? Check these out!

When you’re out of ideas of do-it-yourself games or crafts to do with your little ones, buy these value-for-money toys. As children spend majority of their time playing, it’s essential that you buy old fashioned, educational toys. When in doubt, don’t worry, just buy books!

One of my favourite toy stores is Oh, I still buy the occasional Fisher Price and Vtech toys, but I love stuff from for the educational value of it. They would include the developmental benefits for every product, so I’d have more sound knowledge of everything I buy. Gone are the days where you just buy toys because they look and sound nice. Don’t be cocooned in your blissful ignorance, knowledge is power!

These reviews are based on my observations with my daughter. Reaction may differ from child to child, but we definitely had tremendous fun.

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