Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lullaby and Goodnight

Lullaby and Goodnight –

In my opinion, this is a great book to show your child the bedtime routines. It's nice if you can set up an established routine, as young children loves the predictability and comfort of knowing what's going to come next. Try and repeat the same pattern every night e.g. diaper change, a feed and a story. (I did say try, I varied it myself from night to night, depending on my energy levels. Or what's left off it.)

I bought this for my 14-month old daughter when she 4 months old. At the time, she loves to grab the teddy bear and put it into her mouth. I used to show her the pictures and she would look at them, holding the bear in her hand. She still puts the bear in her mouth, but now she loves it when I bring the bear to life i.e. make as the bear is moving through the motions; drinking the milk, taking the bath and putting on the pajamas. The best part is the goodnight part where she’ll kiss the bear and then kiss me too!

Check out other photos of the book at this page:

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