Friday, May 29, 2009

Tag Time

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Activity for: Child & Parents


Tag, probably the oldest game in the world, is a great way to help your child burn off some energy and strengthen his muscles.

Tag is an everyday, favourite game in our family. Of course, for now, Daddy is “it” and Mommy is the safe haven. The game always ends with my daughter flying into my arms, laughing madly. It’s the perfect game for extra hyper little tots. (But then again, aren’t all tots extra hyper?) If you keep the rules simple, even young toddlers can catch on quickly.
  • Start with classic tag - one person is "it" and the other is being chased.
  • The key is to coax the child with phrases like, "Come and get me!" and "You can't get me!"
  • You'll want to slow your pace down to a trot so that your little one actually has a chance at tagging you. You also can crawl or walk on your knees if you want to be closer to your child's level.
  • When it's time for you to be "it," give your child plenty of time to enjoy being "faster" than you. Before too long, he really will be!
  • As your child learns the ropes of tag, you can try things like Freeze Tag, where the person who gets tagged must remain frozen in place for a period of time, TV Tag, where the person being chased can call out the name of a TV show to avoid being tagged, and even Flashlight Tag, where you tag each other with a beam of light in the darkness.
  • You can play tag indoors by designating a safe area in which to run around, such as a living room, playroom or childproofed basement. If you use multiple rooms, designate a space to be a "safe zone," such as the kitchen, where kids can take a break without fear of being tagged.
  • When playing tag outside, make sure to create boundaries so kids don't run anywhere they choose, and take care to remove obstacles such as lawn chairs or rakes. Use the natural environment to create excitement - run around a tree or scamper through the sandbox - or to serve as natural boundaries - don't run past the bushes!

Playing tag with your children is also fantastic exercise for you (that is, if you can keep up). Now, that’s what we call multitasking.


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