Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Baby Noisy Book

Busy Baby Noisy Book –

I bought this together with the Lullaby and Goodnight book, because I read that babies love to look at other babies. It's a big book for a baby and easy enough for her to turn the pages, with colourful pictures of lots of babies doing daily activities such as bathing, eating and feeding. Something like a reference guide for babies, but a very cute one.

At first she would just look at the pictures of the babies in the book. (That’s pretty much what a baby can do at 4 months old.) Now she would pull the book off the shelf by herself and opens it up, babbling all the way. She would press and pull and the noise makers at the right side of the book, she would babble as she points at various pictures of babies. There is a picture of a baby holding a sock to her foot. She would then take a sock from her dirty laundry and try to put it on her own foot (making a mess of her dirty clothes at the same time). I guess she improvised from the guide just a little bit there.

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