Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bedtime Two Minute Tales

Bedtime Two Minute Tales – MPH bookstore

This is the first book I bought for my daughter; I bought it at MPH before she was born. It’s a big hardcover book with beautiful illustrations. I started reading it to her when she was around 2 or 3 months old at bedtime. At first my husband laughed at me when I started reading in storytelling tones, you know, in an exaggerated manner with hands waving all around. But when he saw our daughter falling asleep during my storytelling session, he tried it out himself. This remains the “bedtime” book for her because I want her to stop playing, relax and listen to my voice telling her the story.

Now she’s more involved in the storytelling, pointing her fingers at the words and the pictures, laughing when I make animal sounds. She wouldn’t sit in my lap but she would sit on the book itself, so she could see the pictures up close. There are a few torn pages here and there, though. I guess she gets a little too enthusiastic sometimes.

Here are some pictures of the book in action:

She keeps lifting her face up to smile at the camera when my husband snaps the photo.

Engrossed in the book. I think.

She simply loves the camera!

Her favourite story, Fat Cat.

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