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Bonding Baby Massage

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Activity for: Babies & Parents

Bonding Baby Massage Pamper your prince or princess with a relaxing rub-down.

Infant massage is excellent for calming colicky and cranky babies, toning their little bodies, and helping them to sleep longer. The skin contact helps baby’s physical development and boosts food absorption.

Baby’s massage checklist:
  • There isn’t a right or wrong time to massage baby. You could try before or after a bath, or at bedtime. Just ensure you have some uninterrupted time so you can focus on her and really enjoy her reactions.

  • Baby will wriggle and move about when you massage her, so for safety and comfort, place her on the floor on a large and comfortable mat or towel. Make sure it’s clean!

  • Turn off any fans or air conditioning. Make sure the room is warm and there’s no draught. We don’t want her to catch a cold.

  • Make sure that she’s been fed at least an hour ago to avoid queasiness.

  • Wash and clean your hands, remove watches and jewellery and have some oil or lotion ready.

Some really active babies do not really like being restricted in their movements for too long, which is the case with my daughter. When she started crawling, I reduced the massages and soon stopped altogether. I prefer reading as a relaxing, bonding time. But give it a try with your precious one, she may like it.

Step by step massage:


  1. Place baby on her back and rub some lotion or oil on your palm.

  2. Place your palms on baby’s upper thigh and gently “milk” baby’s thigh from hip to feet.

  3. Maintain eye contact and talk to her, whilst observing her reactions.

  4. Repeat each movement five times, doing the same with the other leg.


  1. With oil in your palms, start from shoulder to the fingertips, using firm milking movements.

  2. Repeat the same movement five times, doing the same with the other arm.
  1. Rub some oil in your palms.

  2. Place your palms on baby’s collarbone. Using firm, gentle movements, criss-cross your palms as you move towards the end of the ribcage.

  3. Repeat the movement five times.


  1. Rub some oil in your palms.

  2. Start massaging from the right side of baby’s abdomen.

  3. Move your hands in a circular clockwise motion around the umbilical area.

  4. Massage five times.


  1. Place baby on her tummy or on your lap. Rub some oil in your palms.

  2. Place your palms over baby’s shoulder. With firm gentle strokes, work downwards along the spine towards the buttocks.

  3. Repeat five times.

Once you have finished the massage, cover baby with a towel and rub off excess oil with the towel. Dress her up, and you’re done!

Source: and Asian Parenting Today book.

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