Friday, May 22, 2009

Crawling Obstacle Course

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Activity for: Babies & Parents

Summary: Make a simple obstacle course at home.

Once your baby starts to crawl they are able to explore their environment on their own. You can make a simple obstacle course to challenge them which can contain boxes for tunnels, pillows for mounts and towels or other fabrics for texture. Begin by collecting 2-3 large cardboard boxes e.g. refrigerator or tv boxes, ensuring your baby is able to fit through them easily. Remove any tape or staples that may be attached to the boxes and cut off the flaps. Stick the boxes together with tape. Place things such as stuffed toys in the tunnel to create obstacles.

Place your baby at one end of the tunnel and yourself at the other opening. Call out your baby’s name or wave a toy, encouraging your baby to come towards you. Always praise your baby’s efforts and cheer when they accomplish the task.

For a steady crawler, you can add pillows or large, flat cushions so your baby can climb over them. Then spread a towel in front of it so your baby could feel a different texture on her knees. You can pretty much put anything as long as they encourage your baby to crawl e.g. push a toy car in front of her to indicate to her to follow. I used two turned over dining chairs with a huge towel draped over. When my daughter is passing, I'll tug the towel and cover it over her, turning it into a peekaboo game. Babies don't need expensive toys, really. Just use your imagination!


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