Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hiding Hands

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Activity for: Babies, Toddlers & Parents

A hide-and-go-seek game for hands!

By this age, your child may have developed object permanence - the awareness that things exist even if he can't see them. This guessing game is a great way to reinforce this understanding.

Getting Started

  1. Have your child watch you hide a few small finger foods in one hand.
  2. Hold both hands closed in front of your child. Ask him to choose the hand that is holding the snack. (You may have to guide him the first time, or demonstrate with an older sibling first.)
  3. Be sure to express enthusiasm and encouragement whether he gets it right or wrong.
  4. Don't be surprised if your child wants you to play again and again!

My husband has made this game even more fun with our daughter. He’ll hold something small that can be hidden in his palms and pretend to do a magic trick. He’ll blow on his hand and pretend to throw the object away, but secretly hiding it behind him. Then he makes it “appear” behind her ear. This never fails to make her laugh in delight. (A real magician would shake his head in despair at the lameness of the trick. But our "audience" was entertained, so who cares?)

Older-Kid Involvement: Let baby's siblings do the hand-hiding for a while, but be sure to monitor the first few tries so that playful snack-hiding doesn't turn into teasing.

Source: www.huggies.com.my

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