Thursday, June 11, 2009

A mom needs all the help she can get.

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Really. Some moms are sometimes too proud to call for help, thinking herself of superwoman. I watched House on AXN last week (or was it last month? Oh, whatever.) where this lady who is in charge of the hospital and who seems to have a romantic connection with House, (I don’t watch House regularly, so I only know House’s name. Who has the time to watch tv when there’s a household to run??) just adopted a baby. She’s a successful doctor, with a number of degrees decorating her office wall, who’s dressed immaculately. But since becoming a surrogate mom, she finds herself a little flustered (okay, a lot.) and feels her life zooming out of control at times. But then again, doesn’t all moms feel the same way at some point of their lives?

So, the health visitor came to her house to ensure that she’s fit enough to be the surrogate mother of this baby. She was clearly panicked, with calls from the hospital and trying to get her house in order, she hid all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, put some dirty diapers in the diaper bag and hid the unwashed bottles in the sink. Not to mention her clothes strewn around the house and a mess of papers on the table as she tried to work while minding the baby. She was even more flustered when the health visitor has just stepped into her house for ten minutes and said, okay, you passed the test. He told her not to worry about the mess and she is more qualified to be a mother than most women he had seen. And later, a friend of hers dropped by her house and told her, “Get help. Get a housekeeper. Get someone to cover you when you need to leave the office. You’re not a superwoman, you know. You can’t do it all.”

So you see, even the most successful mom needs help sometimes. Don’t worry, you’re not weak, you’re human. Take up all helpful offers you get. If your mom offers to babysit your baby, accept her offer and take a break from the house. Go watch a movie or take a walk. Or even better, pamper yourself with a manicure. It’s nice to be taken care of when you’re so busy tending to other people’s needs. Remember, a happy mom means a happy baby.

Every mom is multitasking at any given moment, but too much of a good thing is sometimes, well, too much. Sometimes I was doing something, then suddenly some totally urgent, unrelated task, like “I need to buy a packet of diapers after work today!” popped into my mind, and I hurriedly made a note somewhere or put a reminder in my phone. Then when I was going to get back to what I was doing, I have totally forgotten what I was doing. Have this ever happened to you? This seems to happen a lot now that I’m pregnant. Do you know that many pregnant women experienced this forgetful syndrome? So it helps if you can focus on one thing at a time, and oh yeah, catch your breath.

Or use these really cool tools for moms I found here. One of my favourite sites, offers free downloads of Tools For the Tired and Time-Starved, which consists of cute, colourful organizers that you can print out, such as Week at a Glance Note, The Balance Sheet (balance between work and home stuff to do, not assets and liabilities) and The Eat Sheet. Read articles from its contributing writers, who are also working moms, about trying to juggle work, family and kids, articles about funny to embarrassing to serious stuff.

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Another cool tool is from It offers online journals, notes, shopping lists, calendars for every member of the family. One tool I really liked is the downloadable screen saver, which looks like multiple frames that display all your photos in your My Pictures folder. Instead of one gigantic photo coming out from the screen, several photos in frames are displayed. Cool huh?

Go and check them out today. And relax, the house is a disaster whether you cleaned it up or not. Let it be for the day, and clean up next week. ;)

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