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Alphabet flash cards

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Activity for: Child & Parents

Print (or make your own) a set of alphabet flash cards and ideas on how to use them for your childs learning. Make learning fun and your child won't even know that they're learning! Don't you wish all schools are fun like this? Imagine waking up in the morning and you can't wait to go to school. Wouldn't that be great?

Below are a number of ideas of how to use these cards. Remember to adjust each activity according to your child’s age and ability and above all – be positive, patient and give them lots of praise. (Isn't that what parenthood is all about?)

Spell my name

Help you child pick out all the letters in their name and lay them out in order. Go through each letter and make the relevant sounds. Finally, spell the name out loud.

Look at the word

Look at the picture on the front of the card and then write the word on the back of the card. Ask your child to tell you what the picture is. Once they have identified it correctly turn the card over and show them the word. Sound out all the letters in the word.

Pick out the colour

Once your child has coloured in the pictures, ask them to go through and pick out all the pictures that contain a certain colour. Once completed go through the cards and practice identifying the image, letter and sound.

Vowels and Consonants

For the older children, ask them to separate the cards into 2 groups – vowels and consonants. Practice making simple words by picking one vowel and adding some consonants.


Lay out 3 or 4 cards in a row. Go through the cards together with your child and talk about the letter and image. Ask you child to close their eyes and take one away. See if they can pick the one that’s missing, then it’s your turn.

I Spy

Ask your child to pick a card. Review the letter and the sound it makes. Ask them to find something else in their home that starts with the same letter. It’s easier if you go first so they have an example of what to do. It’ll also help keep their attention if you pick something they love like biscuit, bike, book etc…instead of broccoli.

Cut and Paste

Ask your child to pick out a few of the flash cards. Give them a few old magazines you never had time to read anyway. Help them cut out pictures like the ones they see on the cards as well as pictures of other things that begin with the same letter. Try gluing them into a scrapbook and help them write the letter on the page. You can get great, cheap scrapbooks from your local supermarket.

For starters, check out this sites for free printable flash cards, FileGuru and ESL Flashcards. Loads of choices there. Have fun learning!


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