Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby signing in progress

Have you tried signing with your baby yet? If your baby is around 8 to 10 months old, you could show a few signs now. It’ll take some time for your baby to really master it, but it is so satisfying to actually see your baby signing back. You’ll feel so proud and feel like your baby is the smartest baby in the world! Read my previous entry for some guidelines:

Here’s some photos of my 14-month old, Aliah signing sleep and milk, her most used sign. The milk sign is done by clenching and unclenching the fingers into a fist, like the action of milking a cow. But of course, I can’t show that in one picture. Here, she’s clenching her fingers.

This is sleep, obviously.

Okay Aliah, it's bedtime!

This morning in the car, en route to her nursery, she pointed at her backpack and made the milk sign. (She just had a bottle before leaving the house, so I didn’t prepare extra bottles.) So when I didn’t give her a bottle, she naturally protested i.e. yell. Then my husband decided to teach a new sign “Patient” as in be patient, dear. He rubbed his hand vertically on his chest. I took Aliah’s hand and rubbed it up and down her own chest. I laughed and said, rub it a little further down (to the tummy) and we’ll think she’s hungry.

1 comment:

  1. Aliah's so cutee!
    i've watched a video on youtube once where a toddler was signing whatever words her mom uttered. told myself i'd try that with my child someday.
    never too early to be learning/teaching new skills whether or not u'll ever need it.

    so glad to see u teaching ur daughter that. u must b very proud =)


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