Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's go vacationing!

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Our little family will be going to Langkawi by flight on a 3 days and 2 nights trip, together with my in-laws. Aliah is quite used to car travel, but this will be her first time boarding an airplane, so I am somewhat apprehensive. So I’m writing this to serve as a checklist on my own.

Things to put in her diaper bag
  • 3 or 4 spare diapers
  • a waterproof changing surface – it’s included in the bag, anyway
  • at least 2 pairs of clean clothes. Aliah perspires a lot. And she might decide to do a poop job.
  • Wet wipes
  • formula dispenser filled with formula (obviously) enough for 3 or 4 feedings. So if the family decides to go shopping right after we check into the hotel, I won’t have to dig into the bag to fill in the dispenser.
  • at least 2 clean bottles, just in case she wants a feed en route
  • 1 ready to drink formula, just in case she wants a feed immediately
  • 1 full bottle of warm water – she loves water, by the way
  • A thermos flask. I’m not sure whether we’re allowed to bring liquids through the security gates, but if not, I’ll just throw out the water then.
  • A bib
  • Her travel fork & spoon
  • Several plastic bags for diaper changes or soiled clothes. I love this Diaper Duck Travel Buddy sold at, if you don’t mind spending RM30 on disposable plastic bags. It’s so cute! But I’ll just stick to the free plastic bags for now.
  • Some snacks – biscuits, sandwiches or maybe some fruit
  • A toy or two. As she loves to scribble and I prefer not to worry about missing pencils, I bought a small Fisher-Price Doodle Pro that comes with a clip. And maybe I’ll bring her favourite Count and Play book.

Things to put in her own suitcase

Aliah is currently undergoing treatments to cure her newly contracted asthma. So I’m gonna have to bring all her medications, along with some other stuff such as

  • A thermometer
  • Baby paracetemol
  • One of her cold/cough meds, just in case
  • Diaper rash ointment. She rarely gets diaper rash, but it’s better to be prepared.

All the other stuff is regular things such as

  • Enough change of day clothes and night clothes. She still vomits every once in a while especially at night, so it never hurt s to bring extra clothes.
  • Her toiletries, compact size – baby head-to-toe wash, baby powder, toothbrush, her hairbrush and little scrunchie (her hair are so long, they’re getting into her eyes)
  • Socks and Vicks vapor rub, for night use. It eases her night coughing.
  • One or two of her favourite pillows
  • Her blanket, even though she hates it. She usually kicks it off madly when I cover her up.
  • Her formula and extra bottles
  • Bottle brush for bottle washing
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • More diapers and wet wipes
  • Shoes and her newly bought sunglasses. I just can’t resist, they’re so cute!
  • Her ever useful stroller
  • Don’t forget the camera!

Have I forgotten anything important here? Hope not. Please let me know it I did.
So I think we’re ready for this vacation. Langkawi, here we come!

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